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Информация о пользователе apolylu


Дата рождения:26.07.1988
Знак зодиака:Лев
Дата регистрации:22.06.2016
Домашняя страница
Род занятий:Stockbreeder
Интересы:trik-trak, wróżenie, taniec
Место жительства:Нет информации
Рейтинг: I have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day. It's a hokey, over-commercialized holiday used to sell flowers and candy. But it is also about recognizing and appreciating those (people!) you're keen on. Sure, this really is something you will be doing everyday, but our days get busy, and lots of couples, in particular those with small children, could possibly get in a rut. So, it is usually a terrific reminder to get yourselves outside of that rut and celebrate the astounding couple that started this incredible family. And by celebrate, I mean get from your house, from the laundry, dishes, and bedtime-stalling requests from upstairs.
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